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B12 Energy Gummy Testimonials

“I had just finished a pretty demanding work out of the following: 3 Rounds, In 3 minutes perform the following: 10 thrusters, 10 pull ups & 10 ball slams. That's 30 reps a minute for 3 minutes. Rest 3 minutes. 3 Rounds, In 3 minutes preform the following 8 thrusters, 8 pull ups & 8 ball slams. That's 24 reps a minute for 3 minutes. Rest 2 minutes. 2 Rounds, In 2 minutes I perform the following: 6 thrusters, 6 pull ups & 6 ball slams. That's 18 reps a minute for 2 minutes. If you are able to complete the assigned work within the allotted time, your level of fitness is above average. After picking myself up off the gym floor I was handed a packet of your B12+ Energy Gummies. I ate 3 Gummies. Slowly regaining my composure from the brutal triplet I had just finished. A sense of clarity started to set in. Reflecting on what I had just done. My original intent was get the work out in and get on with my afternoon. But I had a new urge … ‘lets do a little more’. I Decided enough of the barbell, let’s jump some rope. Next thing I know my mental focus is getting dialed back in and I'm back into another pretty intense double under routine. Then it hits me, ‘these Gummies are making me feel bullet proof’. On my way home I was anticipating that horrible sugar crash. Never happened. Been on the Gummies now for about 2 months and what I have found that works best for me is the following. On strength training days I eat 3 Gummies.”

- Chris, Retired Navy Master Chief 

 "Thanks for giving gummies to our SF team for our deployment to Afghanistan. The attached photo is a team member of our Special Forces Green Beret team using his energy gummies on an actual combat operation very recently... he managed to stay awake for over 72 straight hours with no problems thanks to those delicious little babies."

 "Since I run marathons and triathlons regularly, I need all the energy I can get – both for training and the races themselves. As a result, I’ve tried many products on the market. None of them lived up to their claims, or they contained so much caffeine that I was unhappy with the side effects. Then I found your gummies at a race expo. The best thing I can say about them is that they truly work. Within minutes, I can feel the difference in real, sustainable energy. I use the gummies in the office as well, as they help me stay alert and focused on my work. Thanks for a great product."

I love these B12 + gummies! As a morning news anchor, my alarm goes off at 2:45 am and I can honestly say no other product has given me the focus, energy and mental clarity to get through my work day like Power by the Hour has.  They are incredibly portable and powerful and start working almost instantly.  I'm hooked!"

- Nikki Kimbleton, WJXT Channel 4

"I am an internationally celebrated outdoor beach fitness instructor from Miami Beach who fully enjoys the controlled boost of Power by the Hour B12+ Energy Gummies!

As an endurance junkie I have a lifestyle that warrants a great deal of energy output, the thing that works so well for me is it's truly a power-by-the-hour effect. If I just want a boost for a couple of hours, I just chew one or two Gummies. If I want a real kick that lasts for several hours, then I go for a few gummies. It all depends on how much fuel I will need to make my engine run at full power for the time desired.

Oh did I mention how I love the "citrus flavor"? It tastes great, really quenching and refreshing!"

-Chris Vlaun
Celeb. Fitness Instructor and Founder of "V Art of Wellness".

"As a personal trainer, home school mom & business owner my days are FULL!  I am always searching for a little bit of energy to help me get thru the day.  These Power by the Hour B12 + Gummies are the real deal!  I get the energy that I need to power through my day without any crash or jitters.  I highly recommend them and I always share them with my clients!"

- Kimberly Brown,
Owner Champion Martial Arts & Fitness

"As a professional graphic artist I need to keep my designs fresh and creative. When I start bogging down, I pop in a gummy and within minutes I start feeling a mental alertness that stimulates the senses and I'm back to the 'drawing board'...errr... the Mac. I swear by Power by the Hour B12+ Energy Gummies ---they get my creative juices flowing again without the crash!"

- Louie Preysz, President/Creative Director
LPI Design

"I have been eating these B12+ Gummies for months, and I absolutely LOVE them!" As a fitness guru in Miami I have long days and early mornings, so the gummies help give me that extra little push before my multiple clients and classes. I can stay mentally stimulated and energetic without the CRASH! I keep the gummies in my purse and workout bag for the easy, convenient pick me up!! Thank you Power by the Hour!!"

- Tracie Wright Vlaun
AEROGA creator, Miami Fitness Guru